IBM Connect:Direct Installation on Windows 2012 R2

Connect:Direct is such an easy installation and just a fun application to work with, so I’ve decided to detail my experience during a recent migration from version to 4.6.01 on Windows 2012. Obviously, I’m being facetious. Connect:Direct is a mainframe FTP application that was ported to Windows similar to a console game ported to PC; it still has controls based upon a controller, but now you get to use a keyboard to control it. Yay.



  • Configure a local or domain user and set it as an administrator on the host machine.
  • Login to the server with the new user.
  • Install Connect:Direct by running the installer as administrator.
    • Select Custom Setup.
    • Import the USER or NETMAP files at this time.
      • You can import these later instead via a CMD window by doing the following:
        • CD to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Sterling Commerce\Connect Direct v4.6.00\Server directory
        • Copy your map.cfg and user.cfg files here.
        • Run the following commands to import each cfg:
          • cdconfig /Q /I /Fmap.cfg
          • cdconfig /Q /I /Fuser.cfg
    • Configure a SMTP server if you have one.
    • Set the following files to run as administrator for all users by selecting Properties -> Compatability -> Change settings for all users -> Run this program as an administrator


  • Open CD Requester
  • There will nothing configured.
  • Select Node -> Connection Settings -> Insert Node
  • Enter the new node’s name, select Windows as the Operating System, set its IP Address and check the Set as the default node option
  • Hit OK to populate the node in the Requester.
  • Right-click the node name -> Connection Settings -> Edit Userids
  • Click Insert
    • Name: <new admin user from prerequisites>
      • Check Remember password
    • Password: <password>
      • Check Set as the default user
  • Ok and close the window
  • Open Netmap and configure all nodes for 10 concurrent sessions or however many you need.
  • Initial configuration is complete.


  • Open CD Secure+ Admin Tool
  • File -> Sync with Netmap
  • Select Add All
  • Skip the next step
  • You should now see all Netmap entries within the Secure+ Admin Tool list
  • Double-click .Local to open its properties
  • Under Security Options select Enable SSL Protocols and Enable Override
  • Under TLS/SSL Protocol
    • Browse to the directory with your CA certificate authority file and apply it to the Trusted Root Certificate File field
    • Browse to the directory with your host’s keyfile cert and apply it to the Key Certificate File field
    • Enable the following cipher suites
      • SSL_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA
      • SSL_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5
    • Leave the following cipher suites disabled in the Available window
  • Click OK to save this entry
  • Now you must disable Secure+ on all other nodes that do not use it. Open each node and configure as Disable Secure+ and Enable Override.
  • Secure+ is configured


You can change the IP address on a node, but you cannot change the node name without reinstalling Connect:Direct.

  • Modify Connect:Direct IP address:
    1. Select Start -> Programs -> Connect:Direct -> Admin Tools
    2. Stop the Connect:Direct service
    3. Right click on the Connect:Direct Node name and select Initialization Properties
    4. Go to the TCP/IP tab and correct the IP address for the API and Host
    5. Start the service
    6. Start CD Requester
    7. Highlight the Connect:Direct server
    8. Right click the node and select properties
    9. Type the new IP address and click OK
    10. Open Netmap
    11. Double click the local node name
    12. Correct the IP address and hit OK
    13. Right click in the Netmap window and select Apply.
    14. Select the local node and hit OK.
    15. Close Netmap.