Install Windows 8.1 From USB

Create a bootable Windows 8.1 USB installation disk via Diskpart. Simply simple.

NOTE: See end of post for a screenshot that sums up these steps. You can use it instead, just make sure to choose the correct disk so you don’t lose any data!


  • Windows 8.1 ISO file or DVD
  • 4GB or larger USB stick
  • Whiskey (optional)

Get started

  1. Plug in your USB stick.
  2. In Windows 7 open a command line.
  3. Run diskpart:
    • diskpart
  4. Determine which disk is your USB drive:
    • list disk
      • In the next step, make sure to choose your USB stick and not another volume that you need such as your boot volume.
  5. Select the USB drive:
    • select disk 1
      • Where ‘1’ is the number of your USB drive.
  6. Wipe the drive:
    • clean
  7. Create a partition:
    • create partition primary
  8. Select the partition:
    • select partition 1
  9. Make the new partition active:
    • active
  10. Format the partition:
    • format fs=ntfs quick
  11. Assign a drive letter:
    • assign
  12. Once you see the drive in Explorer you can copy the contents of the Windows ISO/DVD to your USB drive. You now have a bootable 8.1 USB stick. Installing from a class 10 USB stick to my Samsung 840 Pro SSD took about 7 minutes up to the time I was requested to name my installation. 🙂