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Time To Upgrade To M.2 SSD NVMe


We all should know by now that a 6G SSD drive is fast, right? My gaming desktop cold boots to Windows 8.1 in 7 seconds. Well, M.2 will hopefully cut that back even further with Samsung’s upcoming 950 Pro 512GB SSD drive. The specs on this beast will blow you away. With up to 1500 MBps sequential reads and 300,000 IOPS random reads, this thing will slap yo mama. Compare that to the 850 Pro 512GB which hits 550MBps sequential reads and 100,000 IOPS random reads and you can see the significance.

The 950 Pro is built on Samsung’sĀ V-NAND architecture and utilizes the PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMeĀ (non-volatile memory express) bus on M.2 motherboards which support it. The combination of specs and the benchmarks I’ve seen of itsĀ predecessor, the 951-nvme, seem to point to a level of performance that is almost as significant as going from spinning HDDs to SSD 6G. Specs and benchmarks are one thing, but if Samsung’s track record holds true, this might be a game changer or at least a game energizer.

I’m going with the established Intel i7 5820K (28 PCIe lanes vs 16 with theĀ Ā 4790K and 20 onĀ the 6700K) andĀ 32GB DDR4 RAM for my new build. I like the higher clocks of the Skylake 6700K, but prefer to have the 2 extra cores with the Haswel-E 5820K. Crucial has a 32GB kit of DDR4 2133 for $170 which is outstanding considering you can easily overclock it to 2400 MHz running at stock timings and voltage. The Asrock X99 Extreme4 is a great budget mobo with high-end features, too.

Star Wars Despecialized Edition!

Star Wars Despecialized

Star Wars Despecialized

After years of pleas from his fans and just as many middle fingers from Mr. Lucas, we finally have HD, unedited versions of the original Star Wars trilogy! Harmy has released what the studios have never done for us; a completely restored, HD version of the films as originally seen in theaters. Han shoots first. The silly, horrible CGI that was added into various scenes is gone. Kenobi’s original Krayt dragon roarĀ that frightens the sand people away is back. Here we have Lucas’ original versions of all three films, the ones we the fans have been waiting for since the DVD format dawned many years ago.

The latest version of Harmy’s ‘A New Hope’ is entitled ‘STAR WARS DESPECIALIZED EDITION REMASTERED v2.5 MKV‘ and you can find it at a torrent site near you. This version has some improvements over their v2.0 edition. It is also in MKV format which can be easily ripped to a DVD or Blu-ray via an enoding app like Freemake Video Converter.