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Takara MP-22 Ultra Magnus

Magnus wants Whiskey

Magnus wants Whiskey

After a long wait I was finally able to open my new Masterpiece Ultra Magnus for my birthday. This guy is huge and chunky. He stands around the size of the grandfather of the MP line, MP-01 Optimus Prime. MP-10 Prime, however, is a few inches smaller than Magnus, more to scale with their G1 movie/cartoon counterparts.

I’ve pushed the joints to their limits in the image below where he is firing upwards like the 1986 poster. The leg joints don’t have the wide stance capabilities of the other masterpiece figures. The arms and shoulders have quite a nice range of motion, but are slightly limited by the sheer bulk and white stacks.

From behind, Magnus looks like a big pile of parts. It’s quite strange how different he looks from the front as compared with the rear. This is by no means a complaint. Who displays their figures from behind anyway?

The paint application and colors are amazing. Aside from the sprue marks on his forearms, the engineering and finish are superb, just like the rest of the line.


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