Takara Transformers Masterpiece Megatron MP-36

Yessir, this is MP Megs and he lives up to his name! One of my favorite masterpieces so far, Megatron is solid from head to toe and the package is loaded with accessories like the blaster used to kill Prime in the animated film, the energy mace and a matching battle damaged chest and grinning face. I have yet to transform him, though.

MP-36 Megatron Detailed Images and Info

Translated images from the Japanese Generations article.

Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron V2 Coming In April

For a while I figured the 3rd party companies had beaten Takara to the punch with their multiple versions of a Masterpiece styled Megatron. The now official MP-36 looks near perfect if what you are looking for is G1 accuracy. This guy looks fantastic and is detailed as hell. I’m all in for this hunk of plastic!

Transformers: The Movie 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Review

tftm30thtitleI am so excited about the Shout! Factory 30th Anniversary Edition of Transformers: The Movie! This is not Bayformers, but rather an actual GOOD Transformers movie. This Blu-ray edition of the film comes with two disks, each containing a different version of the film. One is the original full frame 1.35:1 version, the other the widescreen 1.85:1 format. This is a true blessing curse for fans as it allows us to compare the widescreen version of the film we’ve grown up with to its original, full frame counterpart.

This print is sourced from a 4K transfer and it looks magnificent. It is far superior to the DVD versions I own, but that’s to be expected considering their age and the inherent low resolution of DVD. The DTS audio track is a wonderful bonus. There is also the Steelbook limited edition that comes bundled in a metal case and includes a poster. Since I consolidate to movie sleeves, the metal case would just be a waste.

I’ve done comparisons below of some scenes from both the full frame and widescreen versions. You can see that, while the widescreen copy cuts off a significant portion of the upper and lower pieces of the frame, the full frame shots have some slight cropping of their own on the sides. Although the widescreen version crops a good deal of the top and bottom of the frame, it looks like this was taken into consideration by the director. Most of the top and bottom of the scenes in the film simply contain more matte painting background as opposed to important characters or information.

The Transformers: The Movie 30th Anniversary Edition Coming to Bluray!


It’s hard to believe 30 years have passed since the release of the original Transformers movie (The only good one, some might argue… I will argue). Shout Factory is finally releasing a remastered Blu-ray version in September. There will be a special metal case edition as well as one in the normal clam shell packaging.

Transformers the Movie is not the best animated flick out there, but as a whole it is an achievement of hand drawn animation that is second to none. Essentially a 1 hour 30 minute toy commercial, this flick was simply a medium to kill off (quite literally) a large portion of the Transformers toy line in order to introduce new product to refresh Hasbro’s line. Some of the deaths, one in particular, actually angered parents after they were forced to explain the concept to their weeping children.

Original 1986 trailer!


Combiner Wars Devastator – The Ultimate Devastator!

Combiner Wars Devastator is big… REAL BIG! Long Haul alone stands almost as tall as MP-10 Prime. He is almost twice as tall as MP-22 Ultra Magnus. This is the most G1 accurate Devastator to date and he is on par with the Masterpiece line. He scales nicely with the MP line generally. In reality he could easily punt most Masterpiece Autobots with ease. Every year Takara/Hasbro surprise their fans and this time is no different. CW Devastator is an amazing figure and well worth the $140-$150 price tag.

MP-25 Tracks Color Pics

I am so excited about this guy. Tracks is looking great so far. He seems to be a good median between his G1 toon/toy counterparts and the faithful Stingray alt mode. From what I can see of his face in the new, small images, he seems to have a vein, conceited look which made up his show character.

MP-25 Tracks – Takara’s Next Transformers Masterpiece Figure

It would seem that Tracks is Takara’s next figure in their Masterpiece line (3Q 2015). Tracks was always a favorite of mine. I love the lines of the Stingray and even the original G1 figure’s bot mode looks great. I’m enjoying all the Masterpiece figures, but would really appreciate more Decepticons in the line. Perhaps a triple changer like Astrotrain or a combiner, even!

Masterpiece Soundwave Energon Sheet By Takara

Takara Energon Sheet

Takara Energon Sheet – download the PDF for priting actual size

I had completely forgotten about the colored energon insert Takara provided for MP-13 Soundwave. You can print this and insert it into the clear energon cube that comes with MP Soundwave. I’m providing the PDF here for download, both from Takara and locally just in case the original goes offline at some point.

Original Takara site link

Download local PDF

Takara MP-22 Ultra Magnus

Magnus wants Whiskey

Magnus wants Whiskey

After a long wait I was finally able to open my new Masterpiece Ultra Magnus for my birthday. This guy is huge and chunky. He stands around the size of the grandfather of the MP line, MP-01 Optimus Prime. MP-10 Prime, however, is a few inches smaller than Magnus, more to scale with their G1 movie/cartoon counterparts.

I’ve pushed the joints to their limits in the image below where he is firing upwards like the 1986 poster. The leg joints don’t have the wide stance capabilities of the other masterpiece figures. The arms and shoulders have quite a nice range of motion, but are slightly limited by the sheer bulk and white stacks.

From behind, Magnus looks like a big pile of parts. It’s quite strange how different he looks from the front as compared with the rear. This is by no means a complaint. Who displays their figures from behind anyway?

The paint application and colors are amazing. Aside from the sprue marks on his forearms, the engineering and finish are superb, just like the rest of the line.


Transformers Gallery prime_gallery_pointer

MP-10 Prime, MP-21 Bumblebee, MP-22 Ultra Magnus!

Takara/Hasbro had a stellar year in 2014 with the likes of Masterpiece Bumblebee, Ultra Magnus (who is sitting dormant until my birthday in February!), Wheeljack, Prowl, Sideswipe… the list goes on. I happened to also snag the Asia reissue MP-10 Optimus Prime as well making it an amazing year for my collection.

Masterpiece Optimus Prime’s MP-10 incarnation is such an amazing figure and, to me, the holy grail of the Materpiece line. He is the best representation of the line so far, the one figure every collector should own. Bumblebee is a fan favorite and is at his best in this mold. Some say his yellow is too orange, but I think it’s very representative of his original color. He’s small and expensive, but worth having in your collection.

MP-22 Ultra Magnus remains in his box until my birthday. I can’t wait to open this guy! The box is massive and heavy. Unfortunately, until we move into a new house, I don’t have the space to really display him.

Transformers Gallery prime_gallery_pointer

Masterpiece Wheeljack

I welcomed the latest Takara Masterpiece figure Wheeljack to the family this weekend. This figure is one of the most articulate and detailed I have. Its G1 nods and attention to detail of the Lancia car are amazing. He is easily worth the price tag and anyone who was deprived of the original G1 toy owes it to themselves to get one.

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