Transformers: The Movie 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Review

tftm30thtitleI am so excited about the Shout! Factory 30th Anniversary Edition of Transformers: The Movie! This is not Bayformers, but rather an actual GOOD Transformers movie. This Blu-ray edition of the film comes with two disks, each containing a different version of the film. One is the original full frame 1.35:1 version, the other the widescreen 1.85:1 format. This is a true blessing curse for fans as it allows us to compare the widescreen version of the film we’ve grown up with to its original, full frame counterpart.

This print is sourced from a 4K transfer and it looks magnificent. It is far superior to the DVD versions I own, but that’s to be expected considering their age and the inherent low resolution of DVD. The DTS audio track is a wonderful bonus. There is also the Steelbook limited edition that comes bundled in a metal case and includes a poster. Since I consolidate to movie sleeves, the metal case would just be a waste.

I’ve done comparisons below of some scenes from both the full frame and widescreen versions. You can see that, while the widescreen copy cuts off a significant portion of the upper and lower pieces of the frame, the full frame shots have some slight cropping of their own on the sides. Although the widescreen version crops a good deal of the top and bottom of the frame, it looks like this was taken into consideration by the director. Most of the top and bottom of the scenes in the film simply contain more matte painting background as opposed to important characters or information.

Star Wars Silver Screen Edition


Harmy’s Despecialized Editions of the original Star Wars trilogy were brilliant and refreshing, but Team Nagative One’s Silver Screen Edition, created from an original 35mm print from (purportedly) 1977 after 4 years of restoration, is the crowning achievement of fan dedication to seeing Lucas’ original vision untouched. It looks like the team that dedicated so much time to this has now disbanded due to all the press. I think it’s wonderful that folks care so much about something and have given back to the community what Lucas would not. He could have made another billion dollars simply by doing this himself. Oh well, his loss.

If you haven’t heard, the Silver Screen Edition is a digital copy of the film literally recorded from an entire original print. A team of fans took the 35mm film, digitized it and spent years cleaning it up. The process included touching up the video noise, enhancing the audio, color correction and other improvements. The result is a stunning full HD 23GB copy of the original film in its entirety, unedited, including the original title sequence prior to the addition of “Episode IV – A New Hope”.

Star Wars Despecialized Edition!

Star Wars Despecialized

Star Wars Despecialized

After years of pleas from his fans and just as many middle fingers from Mr. Lucas, we finally have HD, unedited versions of the original Star Wars trilogy! Harmy has released what the studios have never done for us; a completely restored, HD version of the films as originally seen in theaters. Han shoots first. The silly, horrible CGI that was added into various scenes is gone. Kenobi’s original Krayt dragon roar that frightens the sand people away is back. Here we have Lucas’ original versions of all three films, the ones we the fans have been waiting for since the DVD format dawned many years ago.

The latest version of Harmy’s ‘A New Hope’ is entitled ‘STAR WARS DESPECIALIZED EDITION REMASTERED v2.5 MKV‘ and you can find it at a torrent site near you. This version has some improvements over their v2.0 edition. It is also in MKV format which can be easily ripped to a DVD or Blu-ray via an enoding app like Freemake Video Converter.